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organic cosmetics and health care products

COSMEBIO® is the leading ecological and organic cosmetics professional association. It brings together all of the players in the cosmetic industry and currently represents more than 400 members in France and abroad. These members include cosmetic laboratories, distributors, contract manufacturers and raw material suppliers.


organic cosmetics and health care products

COSMEBIO® was born in 2002 from a partnership between ten cosmetic laboratories committed to establishing a Charter for the foundation of an ecological and natural cosmetics industry using ingredients produced by organic farming.
Based on precise and transparent criteria, this Charter ensures cosmetic products are safe for consumers and preserve the environment while banning false marketing claims.

The COSMEBIO® Charter has led to two reference guidelines providing the highest standards of quality and registered with the French Ministry of Industry. The outcome of a close collaboration between professional players and independent certification bodies, the first reference standards were developed with Ecocert and published in the Journal Officiel in April 2003. The second standards were developed by Qualité France and were published in the Journal Officiel in July 2004. These reference guidelines determine the exact standards products must comply with, the manufacturing process used to produce them and inspections that must be carried out by accredited certification bodies. These guidelines also specify the percentage of natural and organically produced ingredients which must be included in product formulas.

The COSMEBIO® label was registered as a trademark in 2002 through the INPI by COSMEBIO®, which awards the label, verifies its use and promotes it in other countries around the world. This label, which is granted for each product, aims to guarantee the commitment of manufacturers to provide consumers with genuine ecological and organic products which comply with the technical and ethical criteria in the founding Charter.


organic cosmetics and health care products

Initially made up of a small group of pioneering companies, the association has grown to include all companies wishing to work in the field of natural ecological and organic cosmetics. In only a few years, COSMEBIO® has become a key organization bringing together the main players in the organic cosmetics industry and is the leading European association in its field.
COSMEBIO®, which is dedicated to extending its commitment outside France, is also a founding member of the European group which developed the European COSMOS-standard.