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Why choose organic cosmetics?

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Cosmetic laboratories committed to complying with certification standards develop premium quality cosmetics providing all the benefits of the organic ingredients they contain. The BIO and ECO logos give indication on product composition, i.e. total amount of ingredients in the formula water included.

Standard cosmetics often include synthetic, petrochemical and sometimes even animal-derived ingredients. Faithful to its principles, COSMEBIO® reckons it is difficult to evaluate the long term effect of these products when used on the skin or to measure the ecological impact of processes used to obtain these active ingredients and excipients. On the other hand, ecological products provide a guarantee of safety for consumers and the environment as they do not contain contaminants and are obtained through safe manufacturing processes. By excluding synthetic processes deemed as polluting or hazardous, organic cosmetic standards rule out controversial ingredients.

What are the benefits of organic products?

Organic products are safe

Besides banning raw materials likely to include chemical or polluting ingredients (pesticides, chemical fertilizers, GMOs...) which may, in the long term, prove to be harmful for our health and the environment, organic cosmetics which comply with ecological and organic reference guidelines are rich in natural active ingredients and are gentle to the skin.

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It is often difficult to verify the exact composition of standard cosmetics or identify the source and percentage of raw materials in their composition. Organic cosmetics are currently verified and certified by independent bodies such as Ecocert and Qualité France in order to guarantee end-to-end traceability of ingredients, manufacturing processes and finished products.

Organic products help preserve the environment

Organic farming preserves biodiversity and the natural balance of the ecosystem. By supporting organic farming through your choices as a consumer you are contributing to protect and promote healthy water, soil and air.

Organic products offer a diversity of choice

Nature holds a wide range of ingredients. Each ingredient, be it plant or mineral-derived, has individual properties. This natural diversity means it is possible to develop a wide range of effective, natural and healthy cosmetics.

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