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By joining COSMEBIO® you will become a member of our network , which brings together the major players in the organic cosmetics market. You will benefit from their experience and dynamism, and participate in developing the market sector by integrating our Commission dedicated to managing Ethical issues, and Technical and Communication strategies.

By appearing in the business directories, you will increase your company’s visibility and better promote your products to both professional and non-professional customers. Members, Labeled products and Certified ingredients available on this site

An ostensible guarantee of quality, the COSMEBIO® label will boost your company image in the eyes of customers.

soins et cosmétiques bio

You will also benefit from a comprehensive package of support services and promotional campaigns implemented by COSMEBIO®, both in France and abroad.

Membership is open to all of the following: suppliers of certified organic ingredients, subcontractors manufacturing certified ecological and organic cosmetics, laboratories, distributors and retail chains marketing certified organic cosmetics under their own brand name. New members agree to comply with the COSMEBIO® Charter.

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