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Our mission

Our commitment towards customers

soins et cosmétiques biologiques
  • Guarantee ecological and organic cosmetic products, made up with naturally-derived ingredients and formulated in respect of Human Health and Environment.
  • Help customers easily identify products that have been certified by an independent certification body by labeling them in compliance with the COSMEBIO® Charter.
  • Provide customers with clear and transparent information on the ingredients used in organic cosmetics: nature, amount of ingredients and the processes used to obtain them.

Our mission also consists in...

soins et cosmétiques bio
  • Federating and promoting the players working in the field of ecological and organic cosmetics by informing and educating our members and protecting consumers.
  • Building up an interprofessional body for promoting ethical and ecological values through  :
    • The respect of the COSMEBIO® Charter
    • The Certification and control bodies guarantee
    • The European harmonized standard for natural and organic cosmetics
  • Boosting creativity and technology applied to organic cosmetics by encouraging manufacturers and industrial players to invest in research for new natural ingredients.