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About the organic cosmetics market


The current success of organic cosmetics has developed in the last few years. The choice of products is wider, ranges have grown and are available in almost all retail stores.Customers have confirmed their interest in organic cosmetics. After being considered regressive, in the same way as organic farming, the image of organic cosmetics has completely changed and they are now seen as an innovative business. No one can deny the ever growing demand for organic cosmetics.This is no longer a pioneering market sector. We are now looking to the future and the market is booming. However, this diversity also arises a number of questions: What products should customers choose? What concept should be embraced? Where should customers buy their products?

Our objective

Buying decisions are often automatical decisions. Therefore, it isn’t easy to change one's habits about buying. Doing so, implies questioning oneself before making the decision to buy, being aware of health and environmental issues, and reading labels. In a few years only, the market for cosmetics has undergone significant changes. Opportunistic and environmentally-aware consumers are making the same choices as the more ‘traditional’ organic-oriented consumers who have long been convinced of the benefits of organic products. Modern consumers are making different buying choices.

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a new way of consuming

By choosing labeled products over standard ones, consumers are sending a strong message to the industry prompting it to develop new eco-friendly product ranges that are safe for consumers and preserve the environment. This diversity contributes to informing customers of the challenges at stake and encourage them to become responsible consumers. Labels therefore play a crucial role. They should help customers make ethical choices when they buy a product or when they choose a brand.

Buying organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are available in the whole retail network. They can be purchased from :

  • Organic shops
  • Drug stores and chemist shops
  • Beauty salons
  • Online shops / Mail order
  • Department stores
  • Perfume shops

COSMEBIO®’s BIO and ECO labels are designed to help customers identify these cosmetics. These logos certify that the products in question comply with ecological and organic standards and that the company which manufacturers them meets the requirements set by the COSMEBIO® Charter. All products that are labeled as BIO or ECO have been assessed by an independent certification body (Ecocert Greenlife or Qualité France) in compliance with ecological and organic standards. The percentage of natural and organic ingredients is clearly indicated on the back of the product packaging.

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The COSMEBIO® website is a tool for helping consumers make the right choices

The COSMEBIO® website is designed to help consumers select the products and brands that best match their expectations. It aims to promote companies that comply with the COSMEBIO® Charter, present their company policy, the range of products they offer and the sales outlets where they can be purchased. You are bound to find the right product or brand for you. To search products and find out where you can buy them, please click on Directory of Members and Labeled products. Directory of members et Labeled products. Please note that products are not for sale on this website !