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May I receive your catalog and your price lists?

COSMEBIO is the French Professional Association for Natural, Ecological and Organic Cosmetics and neither sales nor manufactures cosmetic products. It federates all the key players of the field: suppliers of ingredients, cosmetic laboratories, contract manufacturers and retailers with own brand which are listed on our membership directory of members. You can also visit the labeled products with, for each product,  the distribution network as well as the name of the manufacturer and/or the distributor with its address, phone number and website.



What is the difference between COSMEBIO® and Ecocert or Qualité France ?

The COSMEBIO® label is a registered trademark of COSMEBIO® Association.  COSMEBIO® founded the Charter for ecological and organic cosmetics that his members commit to respect.

Two standards have been approved by the COSMEBIO® Charter and have been registered with the Ministry of Industry: the Ecocert Standard and the Qualité France standard. The Ecocert and Qualité France labels are labels of certification.

The certification of products according to one or another standard allows to use the COSMEBIO® label once registration to the Association is accepted.



Where may I find a list of contract manufacturers?

Click on "Directory of members" and then select the corresponding activity.



Where may I find the French Standard for natural, ecological and organic cosmetics?

It is available free of charge on or



How much does the COSMEBIO® annual fee cost?

The membership fee is due for the current calendar year.

Membership fees are based on the company’s previous business year turnover for sales of conventional and organic cosmetics.

For new members joining part way through the year, the membership fee is calculated on a pro-rata basis and charged from the beginning of the month of joining to the end of the year. The membership must be renewed every year.

To get the calculation grid, please contact




My products are not certified yet. May I even though get the COSMEBIO® Logo in order to prepare my packaging?

You will at least need to be in certification process to pretend to the COSMEBIO membership and thus to get the labels. The certificate will be provided later on by the certification organism and must be provided to COSMEBIO the soonest in order for your registration to be validated.

To register please click on Online membership application.



Where may I find the European harmonised COSMOS-standard?

It is available on




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