Your reference in natural, ecological and organic cosmetics



Where can I buy natural and organic cosmetics?

Natural and organic cosmetic can be found in distribution networks:

-       Specialized stores in natural and organic products

-       Drugstores

-       Beauty Salons and specialized perfume shops

-       Sale by catalog and internet websites

-       Supermarkets, Hypermarkets



Are some natural and organic cosmetics for sale on this website?

The labeled products are communicated for informational purposes only and are not for sale on this site.
You can find for each product the distribution network, the name of the manufacturer and/or the distributor with his address phone number and web site.



Where may I find the brand list of natural and organic cosmetics?

You will find the natural and organic cosmetics  brands in “labeled Products”  then show the corresponding products.



What guarantees does the Cosmebio label offer in term of ingredients derived from the organic farming?

The Cosmebio label is a strong guarantee as it proves the product complies with a strict standard.

Certain mentions of labeling on products are compulsory, such as the minimum % of natural or of natural origin ingredients and the minimum % of ingredients derived from organic farming.

You will find the various levels required by the COSMEBIO Charter in the section «Our labels»



Why does the organic label only require minimum 10% of ingredients derived from organic farming?

It is the minimum percentage of ingredients coming from organic farming on the total of the finished product. It takes into account the water and the minerals which are major components in a cosmetic product. Water and minerals are natural elements which do not come from farming and thus cannot be certified as organic. Ex: a shower gel can contain until 90 % of water.
The plant ingredients must contain at least 95 % of ingredients derived from the organic farming.



Are the synthetic ingredients authorized by the COSMEBIO Charter?

The COSMEBIO® Charter authorizes maximum 5 % of synthetic ingredients on the total of the finished product. In the end those ingredients can often be found in small and even insignificant quantity, when they are unavailable under natural shape. Furthermore they have to meet the requirements of a very restrictive positive list excluding silicone and GMO (GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM), paraben, PEG....