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For more than thirty nine years, the Solaroma natural skin care company has been established in the heart of the Corbieres, a stony, aromatic landscape of unspoilt nature in the midst of Cathar country.

 We are located close to the village of Luc-sur-Aude, named from the Roman word "Lucus" meaning  " sacred wood,"on the ancient 100 hectare estate of Domaine de Castillou, former site of the summer residence of the archbishop of Alet-les- Bains.

 Today SOLAROMA continues to cultivate organic aromatic and medicinal plants on Domaine de Castillou such as rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender and roses, used as organic ingredients in natural skin care formulations. These plants have proven their indisputable virtues, and scientific testing and analyses have confirmed their properties.

All products are formulated and made at Domaine de Castillou in France.  

Fabrice Bardeau was a chemist specializing in biology and pharmacy as well as a psychologist. He was fascinated by the power of plants.

A pioneer, Fabrice went against the tide. At a time when synthetic molecules were presented as a panacea, he opted for the natural approach and turned towards plant- based treatments. Working on essential oils and their properties, Fabrice acquired unmatched knowledge which he decided to apply to the formulation of natural skin care products. 

In 2003, Lorrie left the United States to take over from Fabrice Bardeau as head of SOLAROMA. She is a registered aromatherapist  and has trained internationally with the greatest names in the field.

Pierre Louis Delapalme is now the manager of the company.

Our mission at Solaroma is to create natural and organic conscience minded cosmetics based on aromatic plants and essential oils that bring health, vitality and harmony to your skin and body while improving your overall health and well being along with helping sustain and respect your mother earth.

Our ingredients are produced by Solaroma and other farmers who emphasis the use of renewable resources and harvest their crops according to specified methods controlled by Ecocert.

No genetically engineered ingredients are used in our products. All Solaroma’s organic cosmetic line of products has the Cosmebio label.


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