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Avenue Thomas Edison 80

1402 Thines BELGIUM

Tel : +32 67222761

Fax : +32 672220332

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Mourlon beernaert Cédric
Managing Director
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Company overview


Pro-Vera is a Belgian recognized company in the food supplements sector for more than 15 years. Its products are widely distributed in the natural products store in Belgium and some other countries.

In 2009, the first range of organic cosmetics “AUREA” is created. It consists of a complete range of products with a high concentration of the purest Aloe Vera.

BIOSOLIS was founded in 2010 as no actor of the organic cosmetic sector was able to propose organic certified sun care products without using nanometric mineral UV filters, and that the only alternative to this potential harmful UV filters was the use of traditional chemical UV filters, filters not only potentially toxic for our health, but also very harmful for marine life and Mother Nature in general.

BIOSOLIS is therefore a very bold but also precursor range