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42 avenue julien


Tel : 0473292510

Fax : 0473939918

Mail : contacts@aroma-zone.com


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Jolibois Emilie
Expert Recherche ingrédients cosmétiques

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Hyteck Aroma-Zone laboratories welcomes you to visit their website www.aroma-zone.com to discover :
- a very large range of essential oils, vegetable oils and other natural and organic extracts selected for their quality and sourced directly from producers all over the world.
- a range of natural organic cosmetic products, formulated in our laboratories and using our vegetable oils and essential oils.

- more than 200 essential oils
- more than 70 vegetable and carrier oils
- 40 hydrolates and floral waters, most of them certified organic
- plant powders, exfoliant powders, clays, butters, waxes, natural preservatives and vitamins, glycerin,...


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