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Astier Demarest

  • Ingredient supplier

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60 route de la Paoute
BP 51002

Tel : +33 4 93 40 56 56

Fax : +33 4 92 42 00 00

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Destoumieux Bruno
Directeur Général

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Bance Véronique
Responsable Marketing et Communication

Company overview

ASTIER DEMAREST – Sourcing origins

Established in Grasse since 1880, Astier Demarest specialises in the import and distribution of aromatic raw materials for perfumery, cosmetics and flavouring.

We offer conventional and organic essential oils and derivatives, natural extracts, as well as aromatic chemicals. Since 2015, we are developing a new activity with a fruit department, negotiating juices, purees and FTNF aromas.

Sourcing at the origin, the partnership agreements woven with our suppliers enable us to work transparently and to assure the traceability and quality of the products.

Committed to responsible development, we give precedence to sustainable production regimes and support fair-trade projects.

In our range of organic essential oils :

Ginger Fresh Ivory Coast

Red and Green Mandarin Brazil

Vétyver Haïti Fairtrade

Ylang Ylang Complete Madagascar


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